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Duration 1hours 33 minute.
score 3956 votes.
genre Drama.
countries USA.
writed by Ruckus Skye, Lane Skye

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I liked this movie the most for girl’s good facial expression which is also natural. It is easy to remember, notice, and figure out the character just by looking at it. She has that sweet but angry look that tells us she is different than all other girls. Like she is natural warrior, and not typical victim that falls prey to convicts or criminals. like most girls do. Also other actors are typically good, meaning look real. Also good graphics, very real and brutal. But bad is the too typical story and too restricted environment. I expected more stuff to see, more mystery, more locations, more pople. This is one good movie, but not the best one. Girl is the best actor, but others are not too bad either, and good editing.

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Sorry but this film was trash, i could have been really good if we got some serious back stories from the villains.a nice bit of build up but what we got is a gore version of home alone in the woods where the little kid out whits hardened criminals but this time with blood and guns. br>
if they have elaborated on the story of the key more it would have been nice but i figured it was just used in the story to keep you watching to the end they were never going to reveal anything about it.
kevin james plays a pretty good bad guy, he should really do it more. i really didn’t care much for the other characters. the dad was gutless the women and kid brought nothing to the film the bad guys were idiots, and the girl was just irritating trying way too hard to look psychotic and the plot was way too predictable. if you took out the gore you could put this film on the disney channel it was that bad. a complete waste of time.

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